Friday, July 30, 2010

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week (and last week when I was out of commission):

5. At Great Seneca Park, Marino was picking at a tree. Evan told him it's not nice to hurt the tree because trees are our friends. Marino said "I know, Daddy. Tree need big hug" and proceeded to hug the tree and ask Evan and I to hug it as well:)

4. My mom and stepfather came to visit the weekend before last and, as I said last month, Marino has really bonded with all of his grandparents. When my mom and stepfather were leaving, Marino cried and said "Mino go too?"

3. My mom has a special song that she always sings to Marino while rocking him in the rocking chair (her favorite thing). This weekend he said "rock a bye baby?" when he wanted her to sing:)

2. The other day we were watching Toy Story (for the 800th time) and when we got to the part where Woody comes to the realization that he is a "lost toy", Marino said "Calm down, Boody!"

1. I occasionally call Marino "Babycakes" because it makes him laugh. When he and Evan walked into the packed ER after parking the car on Monday, he yelled "HEY, BABYCAKES!" when he saw me.

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