Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Siena's 3rd Birthday

This precious girl right here turned 3 at the end of October.  I just love her.
Cat and Siena - sweet sisters!
Gramma Bev and baby sis Alana
Keeping with tradition, Siena's birthday party was again at Etsch Farms. They do an awesome job with parties and the place itself is beautiful. Somehow, each year the weather is great for Siena's day. Since her birthday is so close to Halloween, this year the kids were invited to wear costumes to the party. Marino loves any chance to dress up, so he was excited!

There was a pinata (which Marino had a difficult time pronouncing; he was cracking us up)
Pony rides

Hayrides/snuggle time with parents
Cupcakes and birthday songs
And of course, we all got lost in the corn maze!

Beautiful day with our beautiful friends. What more can we ask for?

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