Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Silver Spring Jazz Festival

On Saturday, Aunt Chelle, Marino and I went to Silver Spring and met up with my friend Megan at the Silver Spring Jazz Festival. It was a warm, sunny day and it was sooooo nice to be outside again after a week of non-stop rain! We listened to some jazz and walked around downtown Silver Spring.

I took this picture of Marino and I love it! I love his face here and the bubbles make it look whimsical.
Marino was super crabby, so we went over to Ben & Jerry's to get ice cream. Who can be crabby when they're eating ice cream? But, allergy moms beware - all of Ben & Jerry's ice cream is made with egg yolks! They have sorbet that is milk/egg free, but no ice cream. Anyway, we made the best of it with sorbet and sprinkles.
We headed over the dancing fountains (or "geiser", according to Marino). Marino was iffy about getting wet initially, but he got brave and had a great time.

He needed Megan to show him the ropes!

Thanks for hanging out with us, Aunt Chelle and Megan!

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