Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 3rd

We celebrated Marino's birthday so many times, I forgot to mention what we did on his actual birthday! Evan and I brought cupcakes to Marino's preschool in the morning. They have this whole little ceremony on the kid's birthdays where the parents come and show pictures of the kids from each year of their life. It was cute (Marino looked embarrassed).

After school and work, we headed over to the Rockville Town Center for Kid's Night. This week was a lizard show and we ran into some friends from school, which made it even more fun!

First our buddy Alex came by to say hi and wish Marino a happy birthday (and give him an awesome gift). So sweet!

Marino had a balloon sword fight with some friends from school...

Watching the lizards with Daddy

Baby gator (cute!)

After the show, we met up with some friends and family and headed over to our favorite restaurant, Taste of Saigon.

We had some yummy food (pho/spaghetti soup for Marino), sang Happy Birthday, and Marino had an eggless cupcake.

We had a great time celebrating Marino's special day with our family and friends!

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