Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Festivities

I'm a bit behind on posting about our weekend activities. Last weekend, we were invited to a Halloween party at the new site of Marino's old daycare. We really had a wonderful time. The party itself was so fun and it was wonderful to see our old friends and teachers. Marino got big cheers when he was spotted - these folks were like a second family to us for two and a half years.

Marino's buddy Ariana
Dancing super hero!Reading with ShiShi

This Friday we went to a haunted house with Aunt Chelle and Daddy at a new independent bookstore near us, Novel Places. It was fun and just scary enough for Marino. We're looking forward to spending a lot more time at this place!
Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week:

5. Marino and I often have these conversations about what we like. Marino is such a comedian. The conversation usually goes like this.

Marino: Mommy, do you like bees?

Mommy: No, not really. Do you like bees?

Marino: ::scratches head, looks up at sky:: Hmmm...let me think...No, I don't like bees.

4. He has taken to sleeping with at least half a dozen stuffed animals at night, which may be hereditary, since I used to sleep with about 30. He tells me every night "These are my night animals" or "These are my sleeping animals."

3. The dog had some mysterious red bumps on his body on Tuesday. When I was checking them out, Marino started petting him and saying "Aw, Maxis, you have boo boos? You will be okay, Maxis. I will kiss them for you. Don't worry. "

2. Proving once again that he is an enigma of toddler eating, the boy ate two bowls of succotash (and nothing else) as his lunch on Saturday (at his own request).

1. Evan goes fishing almost every day. The other day he said to Marino "Let's go catch a fish." Marino said "Yeah, I want to get that big orange one" (as in the big orange one in our fish tank).

Friday, October 21, 2011

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week:

5. Marino has never seen the Power Rangers, but he has apparently heard about them from friends. However, he calls them by the (not so) very tough moniker "Park Rangers".

4. The weekend before last, my mom and stepfather took Marino to (Catholic) church. He loved it! He couldn't wait to tell me "I got a blessing.....on my head!"

3. After spending a total of 6 hours waiting in the bathroom for this to happen last week, Marino finally pooped in the potty at school. Who knows if it will ever happen again?!

2. Since starting his new school, Marino has taken to correcting any injustices he sees. The other day at the playground, there were two brothers playing rough. Marino yelled "Hey, stop pushing him! That's not nice!" He was very upset about it.

1. Marino's new thing is that he insists on "walking me out" when I drop him off at school. He likes to hold the door for me and he says "Have a good day, Mommy!". Its very cute!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Siena's 2nd Birthday

Saturday, the three of us headed to New Jersey to celebrate Siena's 2nd birthday. The party was at Etsch Farms as it was last year, and they really do an awesome job with their parties. There's tons for the kids to do there and this weekend we had amazing weather. It was a REALLY fun party - all 3 of us had a good time

How cute is Siena?
Birthday tractor! Marino LOVED riding the pony. He insisted on also riding the miniature horse. Neither of them wore shoes, which I've never seen before (shoeless horses), but they said they only ride them on the grass, so its a non-issue.

Happy Catalina

How cute is Sonia's belly?!
Heading to the corn maze

Very scary witch (he keeps telling me he's going to be a witch for Halloween)
Decorating pumpkins

Corn maze...this was the easy one and we still got lost!
Birthday sweetie!
Excited toddlers ready for the hayride!
View from the hayride

The birthday girl and her parents (she's her Papi's twin)

Riding the miniature horse

Pinata time!
treats from the pinata
Birthday cupcakes for Siena
Siena is 2!
Enjoying the cupcakes
When this pinata broke, candy and treats went everywhere! It split in half rather than just a hole cracking in it. It was quite a sight!
Pumpkin head

Reading and cuddling with Marino and Siena
Marino was unusually friendly this day - see him snuggled behind Sonia's sister, Nikki?
Of course we had to break out our matching pumpkin hats...the kids were even less cooperative with taking pictures with these than last year! But at least they had fun.

Before we headed back, we met up with our friends Karen, Stu and Brandon (and new baby Wesley!) for a playdate at McDonald's. The kids had a lot of fun. Marino kept asking Brandon "Do you want to play with me again?". It was great to catch up.