Saturday, September 24, 2011

Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey

Last weekend, Evan, Marino and I headed up to New Jersey to visit Sonia, Wil, Catalina and Siena. As always, we had a great time visiting them and the kids got along wonderfully. I am excited to meet the 3rd sister in December!

Saturday, we headed down to Camden to visit the Adventure Aquarium. I've never been to an aquarium I didn't like, but this one was amazing. I would make the trip here over going to the aquarium in Baltimore - it is that awesome. It's very interactive - lots of hands-on stuff for the kids, which, at this age, is really the key to keeping them engaged.

By the way, if you think you want to go anytime in the next year, buy tickets online now! They're on sale for $15 (normally $22.95) and good for 12 months from the purchase date.

Here's a picture of Sonia and I with the kids. Doesn't Sonia look amazing? She's the tiniest pregnant woman, ever! Cat insisted on wearing this bandaid on her face after a run-in with the wall.
They even had hippos at this aquarium. They are sort of cute, but very smelly!

The girls call Wil "Papi" and Marino started calling him that, as well, apparently not realizing that Papi is equivalent to "Daddy." When Marino saw this picture he said "There are two Papis in this picture." Watching the sea lions. Marino sat down and said "I want to watch this movie". I said "This is real life, buddy!"

Is that a big crab or what?!
How cute is Nena?
Best part of the day - touching the stingrays. Marino is still talking about this "I touch the stingray with 2 fingers. Not 5. The stingray is squishy."

Dancing with Daddy.
You could also touch a shark. Marino's arm wasn't long enough, but Evan got to touch one.

Cat and this shark match!

Is this eel creepy or what?! AHHH!
He looked liked this a lot while we were there!

Love this!

Can't wait to see everyone next month when Siena turns 2!

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