Monday, October 8, 2012

Breakfast at the Zoo

The weekend before last, Evan's Aunt Joyce invited us to Breakfast at the Zoo with her grandson Landyn and our buddy Alexa (who we know from storytime). I'd never been to the zoo that early in the morning before, and the animals were very active! 

The kids, of course, were super excited to see the animals (and each other).
Landyn and the sea otter statue. The Asian sea otters are new at the National Zoo and they are adorable!
Marino and Landyn. These 2 get along great.

The female lions were chasing and wrestling each other.
The male lions were roaring like crazy. Intimidating stuff!

The Asian sea otters, enjoying a crab lunch.
Alexa and Landyn. These two love each other.
Our little family.
Alexa and Marino declared this was a sea monster.

Such a fun morning!

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