Saturday, January 14, 2012

First Train Ride!

The Monday after Christmas was filled with Marino's favorite thing - trains!

First we took Daddy to the train station so he could head back home (he had to work Tuesday; Marino and I were off all week). Marino was really excited to see the train come and go.
After dropping off Daddy and getting a quick lunch, Marino, Gramma and I headed to the Catskill Mountain Railroad for a special train ride. The train is really awesome. Perfect length of time for young kids, the train is open air so they can get an amazing view, and the ride is very affordable. All of the staff work as volunteers, and it's clear they love their work and the kids. Oh, and they give you candy on this train, which won me over!

Marino and Gramma

Not so sure about the ride through the tunnel.
My friend Jill, her husband Charlie and sons James and Parker joined us. The boys were sleepy (past their nap time).
Charlie, James, Parker and Jill
Santa was on the train!! Normally, Marino is afraid of Santas, but not so after Christmas! He immediately thanked Santa for the gifts and said "Santa, you ate all the cookies I left for you! And the carrots, too!" It was sweet.

Can you tell he's happy to be on the train?

He wanted to get a look at the tracks.

Looking forward to another train ride in the Spring (when its hopefully much warmer!).

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