Monday, January 23, 2012

Goodbye My Friend...Meg Misove Case

One of my closest friends growing up, Meg, passed away unexpectedly on January 11th. She wasn't sick or hurt in anyway...she just died her sleep at age 35. It's hard to process.

I can't even remember when we became friends. I just remember her always being my friend, from 6th grade on. We lived in the same neighborhood and this meant we spent tons of time together. We rode the bus together, hung out after school, spent every snow day together (we grew up in NY...there were a lot of snow days). She went to Florida with my mother and I - the first time I ever went on a plane. I remember us in Florida, forcing my mother to play wildly inappropriate tapes in the rental car, like R. Kelly.

Meg was already riding horses when I started, but we had even more fun doing it together. For a few years, we spent every extra moment at the barn. We both loved everything about being there - the horses, the smell, feeding, bathing the horses, mucking stalls, painting the jumps. We just loved being there and learning as much as we could. It was a really special time in my life, and Meg was a huge part of that.

Meg taught me how to drive. She had this big white Blazer and we rode to school together every day. We grew up in upstate New York, where snow and ice are on the road 75% of the winter. One morning, while she was teaching me to drive, I rear ended someone after sliding on ice. Ugh, I've never felt so guilty about anything in my life. I remember calling Meg and her saying "I'm mad at you, Sara, but I really don't want to be." She was mad at herself for being mad at me. I think that's a good representation of who she was. She lived in the moment, she saw the good in everyone. That was the closest we got to ever having an argument. Meg was a loyal friend - she didn't have expectations of me - she was just happy to be doing whatever we would be doing. I was a much more polarizing figure in high school...people tended to love or hate me. Not Meg. She had no enemies. Everyone loved her - she had friends within the various cliques and groups in our school.

We lost touch after high school...she never really got into Facebook or email and those are pretty much the only ways I communicate these days. I saw her in 2006 at our 10 year high school reunion, and instantly, our bond was intact. She was so happy to see me and had such kind things to say. It was clear we missed each other, and we exchanged numbers and talked on the phone, though certainly not as much as I liked. The last time we "chatted" was one of her rare occasions on Facebook, we talked about how she wanted to start her own family and the trickier aspects of being a stepparent. She had just gotten married to a great guy in 2009. They were the first couple to be married on The Walkway Over the Hudson. Her husband is collecting donations to install a memorial for Meg on the Walkway. I love the idea of having a tangible reminder of her there.

I wish I could hug her one more time and tell her that I loved her. Sometimes we forget that we don't have all the time in the world to spend with the people important to us, and to make new memories. Meg was a really amazing person, and I'm grateful for the moments that made up our friendship.


  1. What a heartwarming tribute to what sounds like an incredibly amazing friend. I'm so sorry for your loss. We all need more "Megs" in our lives.

  2. Sara- Im not sure how I stumbled on ur blog tonight, I think it must be the fact I was looking up information on premature births and through a series of different complication links I landed on this page and was inspired by the story of the premature birth of your son. U can imagine my surprise when I scrolled over to see a heading about the death of Meg. I am in complete and total shock! It doesnt seem right I immediately went to facebook to confirm. I guess I was just in such shock and denial. I dont understand this at all. How is it even possible that a women so full of life and love passes so disgustingly soon! Its a mystery I will never understand or accept. I am just starting to come to terms with the death of Amy Contursi and now this. Its funny,I remember I remember the big white blazer,her teaching you to drive and all the times I parked next to her in my lil black chevette or sat waiting for the white blazer to pull in so the good times could begin, at places like Norie and the clearings, the times at Mandy Millers house,the football games and of course Shane Lutz' house...ugh I could go on and on, but you were there and you spent tons more time with her than I did. I wish I had knownn that she lived literally just around the corner from me these past few years I definalty would of reached out to her. I am in utter nd complete shock! Well thanks for creating this blog it seems with out me stumbling on it I never woulda known that we lost another FDR Class"95/96" GREAT! Thanks for allowing me to reminise and remember my great moments with Meg! Also I have to mention how truely happy I am to see your son is doing so well! He is obviusly a lil trooper and has the toughness of his mommie! :) take car.....SARABEE!!!!