Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sweet Sydney is 4!

This sweetie, our buddy Sydney, turned 4 last week. We had a great time at her birthday party at in Herndon. The kids ran around like crazies and everyone had a lot of fun, especially this guy (Noah).

This guy loved it, too. Anytime he gets to run, jump and throw balls like a madman, he is a happy little guy.
Jen and Noah
Throwing "snowballs" at the instructors and loving it!
Climbing the ladder to honk the horn - great incentive!

The birthday girl, blowing out her candle. Little brother was not happy!
Jen is so sweet - she made sure there were Marino-friendly treats available!

The zipline - all the kids LOVED this!
Can you tell he loves bubbles?!

Love these two! Happy Birthday, Sydney!!

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