Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Racing and Swimming

The weekend before last was another busy one. I ran my first 5k! I had been training for almost 3 months (I'm someone who never ran a mile until last Fall). Marino and my sister-in-law, Rianne, were there to cheer me on (Evan and his friends went on a guys trip for the weekend). I was a bit slower than I was hoping but I did it and I was proud that my boy was there to see me do it!
Later that day, Marino had his first private swim lesson, which went surpringly well. Our first swimming experiences of the season were met with terror, but he was very comfortable with the swim instructor and kept asking her if he could dive in the deep end.

Sunday, we got together with family in Virginia. All the cousins got to swim together - so cute!
Pacey, Jamia, Kiara, Samantha, Addie and Erica
These three get along great! Little girls are the sweetest!

Fun times with family - we love it!

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