Thursday, April 18, 2013

Disney World - Days 1 and 2

After saying goodbye to the Disney Dream (and The Bahamas), we boarded the shuttle to Disney. If anyone is interested, there is a bathroom on the bus (I get paranoid mass transit without bathrooms) and they showed some short cartoons. It was a quick ride (less than an hour). The whole thing was very convenient. 

We were very was only 10AM when we got to our Disney Hotel (Caribbean Beach Resort) but they were able to accommodate us and get us into a room immediately. We were exhausted from a very early morning, so this was awesome. We had one of the special pirate rooms, which was a lot of fun. Marino loved all the little pirate details. 

We were worn out from our cruise and it was a rainy day, so we decided to just hang out at the resort for the day. It was a shame it was a rainy (and cold) day, because the resort had some amazing features. Each section of rooms has its own little "beach" complete with hammocks (you can't swim in the lakes) and a pool.  There's a large, pirate themed pool and splash area along with a food court, a restaurant, shops and a video arcade. Across the bridge from that area is a playground hidden in a gorgeous "jungle" landscape.  Eating allergy-free at Disney is a breeze. Everywhere we went (food courts included), when we mentioned allergies, they sent the chef out to discuss our meal. Each place had special gluten and egg free bread, buns, cookies, etc, that they kept in the back (presumably in a freezer). They obviously take allergies seriously, and it was a relief! Marino and Evan enjoyed the video arcade.


The next morning we got up and went to breakfast at the food court and SURPRISE! Pap Pap and Gramma Barb were there! Marino was very excited, but still totally oblivious about where we were going, even on the shuttle to the Magic Kingdom!

                                     Then he saw the castle, and he knew! He was so excited!
                                                     Does this look like a happy boy?!

Family photo. We're all wearing buttons that says "First Visit" 
(which was true for Marino and Evan, but not me). 
Marino was so glad to see his Pap Pap! 
The Monster's Inc Laugh Factory was our first stop. We all loved it (we're all Monster's Inc fans). It really was laugh out loud funny. 
Our next stop was Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. Marino loved it (and still talks about it, months later).
We hit the Tommorowland Speedway next. Marino enjoyed it, but was annoyed he couldn't drive (not that he could have reached the pedals). 
We used our Fast Passes to ride the new ride, The Great Goofini (small roller coaster). 
Does he look excited? He and Evan always want to ride in the front of the roller coaster.

Before lunch, we headed to the Haunted Mansion, which wasn't terribly crowded (comparatively, anyway)

Marino loved the ghost in our car at the end!

Meeting Buzz Lightyear was definitely a highlight of our trip. Can you tell Marino is excited?

Pap Pap and Gramma Barb
Marino fell asleep waiting in line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but woke up before we got to the end of the line (that was a long line). He loved the ride and still talks about it. 
We were all pretty exhausted by about 4:30, so we headed back to the hotel to rest. For dinner, we headed to Shutters at Old Port Royale. As with everywhere we went at Disney, we had a great experience with the chef accommodating our allergies and bringing out great gluten-free goodies!

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