Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sesame Place

The week before last we headed up to Pennsylvania to meet up with Sonia, Wil, Cat, Siena and Alana at Sesame Place. This was our first visit and we loved it! We went on a Saturday so it was fairly crowded but the longest wait we had was only 20 minutes (to ride this roller coaster).

Catalina - I just love her!

Siena sat with me on the roller coaster. The whole ride, I squeezed my eyes shut and held on to her for dear life. Then we stopped, I opened my eyes and Siena, cool as a fan, said "Why did we stop?" She was way braver than me!
Marino LOVED the swings. He had the hugest smile the whole time!
Daddy and Marino on the teacups. Later, Marino told me the teacups were the only scary ride he went on (Evan said he was spinning them really fast).
He loved the climbing nets.
Poor Daddy tore up his knees in these tunnels!
Uncle Wil and Siena
Daddy and Marino, waiting in line
Playing arcade games with Daddy
Cooling off

Lazy river - we all had fun on this

Ending the day with a fun parade. He loved it, especially Super Grover!
It was a really great trip and I'd like to go back to do some of the things we missed. The majority of the attractions there are interactive, so its more physical than your typical amusement park. Luckily, it is also smaller and less hilly, so you don't get overwhelmed just walking around. Hope to visit again soon!

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