Friday, November 11, 2011

(Play)Date with Delaney

I'm behind in posting this but 2 weeks ago, we met up with Marino's best friend/girlfriend, Delaney, from his old daycare. These two were inseperable (literally) for a good 18 months and now they had gone 3 months without seeing each other. It only took a few minutes before they were two peas in a pod again.

We met up at the Playseum on the day of the (bizarre) October snow storm (more of a sleet storm here in Maryland). We hadn't been to the Playseum in a while and they had made some (positive) changes.

As always, Marino loved checking out the animals.

Delaney ready to fight fires.

Taking a ride with his girl at his side...

Painting pumpkins

After playtime, we headed over to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant for some pho - perfect for a chilly day. These two are just too cute together!

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