Friday, November 4, 2011

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week:

5. Marino told me the other night "I'm going to be a Dad when I grow up." "Good", I said, "because I want to be a Grandma when I grow up." He looked puzzled. "I'll be a grandma to your children and Daddy will be a grandfather like Pap Pap." "So, you'll be like Gramma Barb?" he asked. "Yes, but I'll be Gramma Sara." That blew his mind. "What? Gramma Sara? What?!"

4. Evan is taking Marino to a UMD basketball game tonight. Last night we asked him if he wanted to go to the game and his response was to pretend he fell asleep and was snoring. Let's hope it goes better tonight!

3. Marino LOVES animals so much. Tuesday we went to visit my Aunt Kerry and Marino was really adorable with her cats. He kept saying "I like his tail" and "She's talking to me. She said 'meow, Marino'". He followed those cats everywhere until they came up with more effective hiding spots!

2. Post on this coming soon, but we saw Marino's BFF from his old daycare, Delaney, last weekend. They were incredibly adorable together. On the way to see her, I asked Marino what he was going to say when he saw her. "I'm going to give her a big kiss like this" ::smacking noise::

1. I really think the boy has an amazing memory for his age. In the car yesterday, he asked if we could see "Puss and Boots" (he got a Puss and Boots happy meal toy on Wednesday, which sparked his interest). Evan and I agreed to take him this weekend. He immediately said, "We saw New Cars....then we saw Winnie the Pooh...but NOW we're going to see Puss and Boots in the movie theater [pronounced theat-e-er]. YAY!!"

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