Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Preemie Get Together - Day 2

Saturday morning, Marino and I headed out to the National Zoo to meet up with our preemie friends again. Everyone who was at dinner the night before was at the zoo, and Megan, Seth and Simon joined us as well. I have to say, we saw less animals on this trip to the zoo than ever before! The toddlers just wanted to play on the playground equipment and Marino was only interested in seeing pigs (he is still obsessed with the movie Babe).
Here's a group shot of all the mamas and little ones:
L to R
Jen and Annabelle, Laura with Cameron and Evan, Karen and Brandon, Megan and Simon, Martha and Campbell, Marino and I.
Some "flat" friends joined us, as well: Ivory and Emma, Trish and Robbie, Corey, Kiera and Claire
Brandon petting a cow
Playtime in the "pizza garden"

Cute superhero shirt Cameron and Evan got Marino for his birthday (it also has a snap on cape!)
Prairie dog tunnels...the kids loved playing in these!
Marino and Campbell
Brandon smiling, as usual
Later that night, most of us moms went out for toddler-free time (our flat friends had some drinks, too). It was really great to catch up with everyone - thanks to our friends who came from out of town!

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