Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Part 2 - Hershey Park

Evan, Marino and I went to Hershey Park for Easter. They have an annual event for 2 weekends in the Spring known as "Springtime in the Park." The tickets are half price, and although some rides are not open (primarily the water rides and "Boardwalk" area), there is certainly plenty to do and more than we could accomplish in an 8 hour day.

Would you believe a stranger gave us free tickets? As we were walking in, some man was giving away corporate comp tickets he couldn't use. Pretty awesome!

Our friends Jen, Matt, Sydney, Justin and Noah met us there, along with their neighbors, Chip and Deb and their kids Kendall and Griffin. So total we had an eleven year old, an eight year old, a five year old, 2 almost three year olds and an 18 month old.

Here in lies the advantage of going to an amusement park in the off-season - we were able to accommodate everyone! Jen and Matt had the genius idea to start at the back of the park, since it seemed like everyone was coming into the park and just stopping at the first rides they saw. Great idea! The back of the park was empty...we were just walking up and getting on rides, and getting right back on if we wanted to go a second time. This also made it easy for one person to watch the kids while the adults rode on a ride...there was only 5 minutes between when they went to the ride and when they got off. I can't imagine how this would work if there was 90 minutes of waiting involved! Going on a slow day is definitely beneficial.

The park has lots of rides for smaller kids that are replicas of the adult rides. I thought this was not only adorable, but fun for the kids to be able to ride the same rides. I highly recommend taking your younger kids there during the Springtime in the Park event - the limited wait times for rides, bathrooms, eating, etc really made the experience a lot more enjoyable for us (not to mention the lack of hot weather!).

As much as I enjoyed Hershey, there really was not enough chocolate there, except in Chocolate World! I expected there to be chocolate every where you turned, but sadly, that was not the case.

Sydney, excited for our day at the park!

First ride, balloons, they both loved it!

Marino, Sydney, Justin & Noah - ready for our day!

At the entrance of the park they have measuring markers, each is a different Hershey candy. Sydney and Marino were "Hershey Kisses" (the second smallest after Miniatures).

Evan and Jen made me go on this ride with the kids...since I was too chicken to go on any of the adult rides!

Ominous clouds, huh? We got stuck in a rain storm at the end of the day.

The Easter Bunny was there...Marino wanted to say hi but wouldn't get close. Sydney was braver...

Jen and Syd at the entrance to the Hershey's factory tour ride, where you learn about how they make chocolate. Marino and Sydney loved this ride - especially the singing cows!

Family love...

Chocolate World has a section where you can put on a factory hat and learn how they package the candy. The kids enjoyed their job.


I said I wanted to take a picture, so they pretended to go to sleep!

Marino started falling asleep on this swing ride...he didn't nap the whole day!

Marino was very excited to "say hi to the chocolate".

Daddy won lots of cool prizes for Marino.

Evan, Jen & Matt ready to go on a very scary ride...Marino started crying when he saw Evan up there "I want to ride the roller coaster with Daddy!!" he said.

We brought the wagon, which worked out well in terms of comfort for Marino. Lots of hills in Hershey, though, and I would have had a hard time pulling the wagon myself for the whole day (thankfully, Evan and Matt were there to help!).

Waving hi to the daddies!

You think they had fun?

Great day, great friends, great chocolate! Great Easter!

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