Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Disney World - Day 3

Our last day in Disney was a Saturday, which meant it was very crowded and crazy. We started the day with a character breakfast at the Cape May Cafe. I'm so glad we did this. Marino LOVED getting to meet the characters - do you see his smile? Not to mention, the food was amazing!Once again, the chef came out to meet with us and then made us eggless/gluten-free pancakes and donuts - yum! And Marino got to hug Goofy and Donald - his favorites! 

From there, we took the shuttle over to Hollywood Studios. I really wanted to go there this year, while Marino is still young enough to get excited about seeing characters. He'll always love rides, but he won't always love seeing Pixar characters in person, so I wanted him to experience it at this age. 
Our first stop was Pixar Place. Pap Pap and Gramma Barb got in line for Toy Story Midway Mania and Evan, Marino and I headed across the street to meet Buzz and Woody. 

The line to meet Buzz and Woody was deceptively long, but there were plenty of photo ops and entertaining things to see in line. 
Marino making faces with a new buddy. 

At last, it was time to meet the big guys. Marino was soooooo excited! 
It was so precious to see and I know he will only be this excited about these kinds of things for another couple years. I loved seeing this happy face!
After that we got back in line for Toy Story Midway Mania! I'm not kidding, even with my dad and Barb holding a place in line for us, we waited 90 minutes. It was insane. I really wish we had gotten a Fast Pass but by the time we arrived, the Fast Pass times were for the evening. So, after a looooooooooong wait, we got on the ride. 

Thankfully, Marino loved it and said it was his favorite of our trip. Surprisingly, he was pretty good during our wait. 
On our way to lunch (which we reserved as soon as we arrive in the morning), we saw a short line to meet Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. We stopped and said hello to Jake. 
We had lunch at the Hollywood Brown Derby. It was delicious and, again, the chef came out to discuss allergies and options. Marino was exhausted and slept on my lap through lunch.

After lunch, we wanted to see the Disney Junior show, but it was cancelled because of technical difficulties, so we headed to some quieter areas of the park.
We checked out the playground in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids area. No line and Marino loved it!

We also got to meet Marino's favorite Pixar characters - Lightning McQueen and Mater!
By this time, we were all pretty worn out and had achy feet, so we headed back to the resort for some rest. 
The next morning was check out - some of the Disney resorts allow you to "check in" with your airline right there. They take your checked baggage to the airport - this was really nice. We took the shuttle to the airport and we were on our way home. 

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