Saturday, November 14, 2009

More Pictures and Port Discovery

OK, I couldn't just show you 5 of the pictures Dave took, because I love so many of them. I just love showing off my boy!

Here Evan was tickling him, but he was so sleepy, he started falling asleep once he was laying down on the ground!

Toddler photography bloopers...the boy is clearly too skinny still for 18 month size pants...

Full moon (aka embarassing shot to show future girlfriend)
Happy guy!
There's ducks in this lake, mama!

Our little family

GQ pose
He loves it when we kiss
Handsome Marino

Family snuggle time

Wednesday we had off for Veteran's Day, so the 3 of us went to Baltimore to go to Port Discovery, the children's musuem. We had a lot of fun, it was very toddler friendly.
Here's Marino playing with some animals. In Marino's world, animals say "badup badup badup."
There were apples and bananas in this little house, so Marino was a fan.

Jazzy barn scene.

BAWWWL pit...he went nuts for this! There's a little video below of him in the ball pit...he didn't want to get out!

"gentle" petting the cow
Where do I start, mama?

Marino as a cowboy...

Riding a horse with mama

Playing ball on the big soccer field with Daddy.

Ball pit video...he's swimming in these balls and loving it!

New things this week:

Marino started saying "bear" this week, but for some reason he says it with a Boston accent: "beyahhh." It's ridiculously adorable. Beavers are bears, too, by the way.

Marino started saying "night night" this week, too, and resting his head down when he's tired. Today, at nap time, "night night" was the first thing he said before he fell was precious.

He also started telling me when he is going "poo poo" (yes, if you're not a parent, this is probably not all that interesting and maybe gross). We're going to slowly start potty training, although I expect it to be a long road (he's young, especially for a boy).
Medical Issue of the Week:
So...the children's museum was fun but possibly not the greatest idea I ever had. Thursday afternoon he started vomitting and stopped eating. He just kept asking for "wa wa" (water). Friday, he was still sick (throwing up, downing Pedialyte and not asking for milk, he slept for 5 hours during the day), but luckily it never progressed to a fever or breathing issue, so I think it was just a 24 hour stomach bug. Today, he was eating and napping normally. I literally have no more sick leave, so the illnesses and other minor medical disasters really need to stop for a while, mmkay?! !!


  1. Precious family! And my husband is in love with the pic in the Redskins gear (he's a diehard fan!)

  2. Thanks, guys! Amie, that's funny, is he from the DC area?

  3. I just starting laughing so hard of those pics with Marino's pants falling down - priceless! He is so cute, you are blessed!