Friday, November 20, 2009

5 on Friday

I had another rough week, my friends. Between catching Marino's stomach virus and learning about Errin, I was really dragging this week. But the boy? He is always a joy! So, here are 5 reasons I'm loving my boy this week:

5. Conversation with Marino this morning:
Me: (strapping him in the car seat) Are you ready to go to daycare and see all your friends?
Marino: Bye Mama!
Me: Well, don't say bye to me, I have to drive you there. You can't drive, you're still too small.
Marino: Please?

4. He learned "turkey" this week, just in time for Thanksgiving.

3. Sunday I was deathly ill. I mean, I was SICK!! My aunt (who he has only been around a handful of times in recent memory) came to take Marino out to eat with my cousin and her friends (tweens). Marino happily left with them, waving bye. They reported he was "an angel" and said "please" and "thank you" to the waiter! And he came back a couple hours later, happy as a clam. Pretty easy going guy, my boy.

2. Marino is getting good with knowing people's names. Here are some of the names he knows so far: Mama, Daddy, Annie, Kai Kai, Wy Wy, Laney, Dodo (all daycare friends), Aunt Chelle ("eshell") and RiRi (Aunt Rianne).

1. He really loves the Redskins. He points out the Redskins emblem everytime he spots it (pretty often around here), raises his hands and says "YAY!"

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