Monday, October 25, 2010


Last Sunday (I told you I was behind on blogging!), Jen and I took the kids to Pumpkinville at Leesburg Animal Park. Any parent of a toddler knows there are days where you just think "What am I doing wrong?!" This was definitely one of those days (mixed in with cute and endearing moments as well). It started with me driving 20 miles out of the way because my GPS wanted me to take a ferry there. Boats are not my friend, and I didn't realize that's where we were headed until a little boat icon popped up on my GPS. By then I had to turn around and drive to the highway.

Marino and Sydney got to ride on a hayride by themselves, which they really enjoyed.

They also enjoyed chasing some turkeys.
This picture cracks me up because they are chasing one turkey into the bush when there is another one right behind them!
Marino made a new best friend in this sheep.

He kept following the sheep around with one hand on its back saying "I love you, the sheep"

He loved this big pig, too.

Racing with Sydney
More turkey chasing

This bouncy slide was the cause of a dramatic scene. To get to the top, the kids had to climb a rope set of "steps". Marino had trouble with it and there ended up being a line of parents cheering him on to get to the top. As you can see, he was quite pleased with himself when he got there.
The slide must have been worth all the trouble.
Before I could grab him, he ran back to the steps, cutting all the kids in line, so he could go down the slide again! I had to apologize to all the kids.

Happy Noah...he's always willing to pose for me:)
Jen and Noah checking out the camel.
This is when the true madness began. You see that fence keep the camel from stepping on toddlers? I turned my head for a minute and suddenly Marino was in the fence with the camel!! The fence was too high to climb over and too low to climb under.
The reason for him climbing the fence was this baby pig, who looked exactly like "Babe", also known as Marino's favorite movie. He was saying "come here, the pig."
I was, of course, yelling for him to come (Jen grabbed the camera to take pictures of the ridiculousness). He knew he was in trouble so he kept shaking his head and saying "no."
Mommy yelling.
He finally got close enough that I could pull him over the shorter fence. Ugh!! I was so scared/mad/embarrassed!
As you can see, we quickly made up.
Sydney fell in love with the pig, too (it came out from the fence)

Enjoying some apple cidar

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