Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Siena's 1st Birthday Party

Last weekend we went to New Jersey to celebrate Siena's 1st birthday! This was by far the best road trip I've taken with Marino. Our portable DVD player was stolen earlier this month (along with my GPS which I had to replace), so I wasn't sure how this trip would be without that entertainment. Marino quietly looked out the window for an hour, then took a nice long nap, woke happy and sang and danced in the car with Daddy. It was wonderful!

Siena's party was at Etsch Farms in Monroe Township and was so much fun. It was a great day - not freezing, but chilly enough to feel like Fall. The leaves had changed much more there than where we live and it was just gorgeous. The staff at Etsch Farms were really nice and helpful.

The birthday girl, Siena
That face is too much - she's just adorable!
Happy Birthday, Nena! We love you!!
Wrenford and Rachel surprised us all by coming for the party. They are moving to Miami next week and we thought we wouldn't get a chance to see them before they left. These 2 just tied the knot in August (which we unfortunately missed since I was violently ill from my Topamax).
Another face I love - Catalina

They had some animals to feed. My dad said he thinks Marino sees more farm animals than most farmers!
Siena and Cat's Papi feeding the animals. He looks totally different - I've never seen him with short hair!

Corn box. Marino is making a crazy face but he loved playing with this little boy.

They had a bunch of different houses for the kids to play in. They loved them!

Bernadette and Jay - love birds. Welcome to the crew, Jay!!
The staff helped the kids decorate pumpkins. Cat was so cute. She said "I want to draw a monster". As she was drawing, the girls who worked there said "Oh, that's a scary monster." Cat said "No, I don't want a scary monster. I want a nice monster."
Marino was in love with this glitter...he really enjoyed dumping glitter all over his pumpkin!

The boy and I on the hayride (which was super fun because it was just our group).
Siena wasn't walking the last time I saw her and I got such a kick out of seeing her walk everywhere. She's this teeny tiny thing but she is on the move!!

She wasn't sure what to make of "Happy Birthday"
Sonia and Sabrina made Marino an egg-free cupcake - so sweet!
Siena and I snuggling
Sabrina and Bernadette
Love their smiles in this picture
Love these girls!!

After the party we went to Sonia's to play. We convinced the kids to (momentarily) wear their pumpkin hats.
Getting them to all look the same way at the same time was a different story!
The funniest part of the day: Marino got a timeout for biting me (which happens periodically when he is completely overtired and loosing it). Cat asked Sonia why Marino was crying and Sonia told her, "Marino is in timeout. Sometimes, even though we love each other, we need a little break from each other...a little space and time apart." 10 minutes later as we were leaving, Marino went to give Cat a hug. "Marino, I need a break," she said. "I need space and I'm taking a break right now." Oh, I was dying. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe!
These kids are so fun - I love them!!

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