Friday, October 29, 2010

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week:

5. Last Saturday, as we were driving to New Jersey, each time we went over a bump, Marino would ask Evan and I, "You okay, guys?"

4. On Monday, when I was saying goodbye to him at daycare, he said "Mommy, you say bye to Shi Shi!" (Shi Shi = Sharon, his beloved daycare director)

3. On Tuesday, we were on our way to visit Marino's Grandma. When we drove past our exit on the highway, Marino said "Bye bye, my house. See you tomorrow! I going to Grandma's house." I was pretty amazed he recognized our exit!

2. On Monday when we pulled up to our house, he said "Gramma's here!" I told him she wasn't and he asked "Gramma and Grampa Ray be here later?" (unfortunately, they live in NY, so I had to say no). Check out this cute picture of my mom and Marino watching Madagascar and snuggling the last time she visited...
1. Conversation on Thursday morning's commute:

Marino: "I the boss" ::mischievous smile::
Me: "No, Mommy's the boss."
Marino: "Daddy's the boss."
Me: "Mommy is the boss."
Marino: "Gramma is the boss."
Me: "No, Mommy is the boss."
Marino: "You not the boss!" ::looks out the window:: "TREE is the boss!"
Me: "No, tree is not the boss. Mommy is the boss."
Marino: ::looks out the window again:: "CAR is the boss!"
Me: "Nope. Mommy is the boss."
Marino: ::looks out the window:: "A TRUCK! A TRUCK is the boss!"

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