Thursday, October 21, 2010

Please Send Prayers and Good Thoughts

My preemie mom friend Alicia needs support. Ali and I are kindred spirits...our birth stories are strangely similar. We both had really sudden and severe HELLP Syndrome requiring an emergency c-section, both had difficult recoveries and, oddly, both of our sons had a true knot in their umbilical cord. I have no idea what the chances of having both HELLP and a baby with a true knot but its got to be at least half a million to one. Since Alicia had her son Kevin last year, we've been friends.

Ali unexpectedly got pregnant earlier this year and she was very worried about having another preemie. Unfortunately, her fears were confirmed yesterday when she needed another emergency c-section, this time at 27 weeks (her son Kevin was born at 30 weeks). Baby Savannah is just 2lbs. Please send prayers, love and support to Alicia and her family.

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