Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sydney's Halloween Party

I'm trying to get caught up with the blog but I've been very busy with school the past week and we've been having lots of fun times I need to share!

Last weekend, our buddy Sydney had a Halloween party. We had a great time decorating cupcakes (Jen made special eggless ones for Marino because she is awesome), painting pumpkins and playing with new friends. Marino had his first candy corn and was in love (just like his mommy).

Marino asking for more candy corn and Syd being adorable.

Here he's saying "Come and get me, Sara." I think he calls me that just to get a reaction out of me.
Very serious pumpkin painting.

We have this pumpkin on a shelf in the living room and every day Marino points at it and says "That's my pumpkin! I did it!"

Marino pushing Sydney in the doll stroller. Jen asked them where they were going and Syd said "We're going shopping. I just love shopping, Marino."

Marino really enjoyed getting in Noah's walker but he couldn't get himself out!
After everyone left (for the record, there were lots of other kids there but I don't know their parents well enough to put them on the blog), Marino and I stayed for dinner and had even more fun. Thanks for having us!!

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