Thursday, March 14, 2013

Disney Vacation - Day 3

Day 2 of our cruise, we docked in Nassau around 9AM. After breakfast (which we arranged for the evening before with our servers, so we would have allergen-free food ready for us), we headed out to the Pirate Museum of Nassau. Evan had found a review of this place and we decided it would be a fun, inexpensive thing for the 3 of us to do (it was $30 for the 3 of us). We had lots of fun - Captain Blah Blah welcomed us to the museum and Marino thought he was the funniest guy in the world.

Lots of fun photo ops there!

After the Pirate Museum, we walked around and did some shopping before heading back to the boat.

After lunch and a nap (I slept so great on the ship - our room was so comfy and the rocking of the ship was soothing), Marino begged to go to the Kid's Club. The Kid's Club on the Dream is so amazing. Not only is the decor amazing (Monster's Inc "Lab", giant replica of Andy's Room from Toy Story), but there are counselors in each section engaging the kids and making sure everyone is having fun. They have a light up dance floor, the characters come visit the kids - its just non-stop fun. We let Marino stay through dinner this day and when we went to pick him up, he didn't want to leave the Kid's Club!

While Marino was there, I went for a little run on Deck 4, which is dedicated to running/walking - it was very serene. 

We had dinner in the Enchanted Garden with Mom and Ray, sans Marino (our servers missed him).
Fun towel animal waiting for us in our room.
Evan and I at the Enchanted Garden
We had breakfast there, as well. How cute are my boys? 
After dinner, we lured Marino from the Kid's Club and went to see the play "The Golden Mickeys." It was very cute - we all enjoyed it and Marino keeps asking if we can watch it on tv! 

Day 4 (Castaway Cay) up next!

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