Monday, May 30, 2011

New Jersey Trip to Visit Our Favorites

Last weekend, Marino and I took a little road trip to New Jersey to visit Sonia, Wil and the girls: Catalina and Siena. I didn't get to see Siena when we were in New York in March (she was sick) and she has changed so much since I last saw her in January. She can really keep up with Cat and Marino now and Marino had a good time playing with both girls.

When I told Catalina I wanted to take a picture, she busted out this fabulous flamenco pose!
We were lucky to have a gorgeous day on Saturday, so we took a walk to feed the geese/ducks and hit up all the neighborhood playgrounds.

Back at Sonia's, the kids had a little dance took Marino a little while to catch on, but the girls are dancing queens!

The kids took turns blowing and stomping on bubbles...isn't spring time the best?
This girl is always smiling!

Two cuties!

Sunday we had some cloudy skies and colder weather (it went from the 80s the day before to the 60s on Sunday) but we went over to Grounds for a Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ and the kids had a wonderful time. They had new sculptures since we went last year and I love how this place makes art less of a static concept and more of a dynamic, interactive one that kids can appreciate.

And, of course, the peacocks are always a big hit!

Uncle Wil gave the kids these gigantic lollipops and they were in heaven. It took them a good 45 minutes to eat them!

I blew out the color on this one (my camera was acting up) so I made it black and white. I love how Marino has made himself part of this scene here...

And here...this sculpture was so clever! You go around a corner and it really looks like you've caught this couple in an intimate, secret moment.

This one was a little house, representative of the inside of the artist's mind. Loved it!

Catalina called this "the Playdoh man"

As always, we had a great time visiting - we love our friends! Saturday morning, Marino and I got in the car and he asked "Are we going to see Catalina?" Can't wait to see them in July for Marino's birthday!

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