Saturday, August 25, 2012

DamJam 2012

For many years (30+), our family has owned a cabin in a special little place called Whipkey Dam in Pennsylvania (for Marylanders - its about 30 minutes west of Deep Creek Lake). I hadn't been there since I was a child, but when my grandfather mentioned he and his wife were going to be visiting there in August, I asked Evan if he wanted to go. Of course, all I needed to say was "fishing", and Evan was ready to leave!
Two of my uncles, an aunt and my cousin's daughters, Pacey and Addie came, too. 

This weekend was the annual "DamJam", where bands play and everyone camps out and parties together. There are a small number of cabins in this community and it truly feels like a community. Everyone comes there to relax and every household shares their food, boats, toys, etc, etc. It's a really special place. We instantly felt like part of the big family there.

Here's Evan and Jacob (Nannie's grandson) off to fish in the paddle boat. Jacob fell in love with fishing...he and Evan are kindred spirits.
This was the highlight of the trip for the kids - the chair swing in a neighbor's yard. It swings over the water, so that makes it more thrilling but oh my...these kids could have stayed swinging all day. They announced Nannie as the expert at pushing the swing and only wanted her to do it.

Marino, Pacey and Natalie waiting for Evan and Jacob to return so they can take a ride in the paddle boat.
Me and my Pap

These guys had soooo much fun jumping from each side of the inflatable "island" to the other. Its always a trip to see what kids find entertaining!

Max loved it there. He could wander around freely (he's not the type of dog to go far). 5 minutes after we arrived, he wandered away and came back with a piece of steak in his mouth. Here he is enjoying his favorite activity - sun bathing.
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The kids loved exploring all the boats...
My uncle Dean fishing the dam

Looking forward to heading back up there in the fall, when the leaves start to change!

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