Friday, August 17, 2012

A Saturday with our Buddies

A couple weeks ago, we headed to Virginia to spend some time with our buddies: Jen, Sydney and Noah. We headed over to Our Special Harbor Splashpark in Alexandria. This splashpark is pretty amazing. Its designed to accommodate all - including children with special needs. There are special waterproof wheelchairs available for those who need them. It's also free! The kids had a great time getting wet.

After the kids were done splashing, we walked next door to Chessie's Big Backyard. This is an amazing playground - the kids LOVED it. Perhaps the best part is a giant tree house/path in the woods. It was gorgeous!

After playtime, we headed over to Z Pizza for pizza. They have delicious gluten-free pizza (and vegan cheese!). We always have a great time together - love these guys!!

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