Sunday, August 26, 2012

First Time Flier

Marino and I went to Dallas last week to visit my brother.  This was Marino's first time flying and he was beyond excited. He asked me about it every night for weeks; "When I wake up, can we go on the airplane?" I was a bit worried that he would find it scary once we actually took off, but that worry was for nothing. He loved every minute of it. 

We arrived at the airport to find our flight had been cancelled (I still have no idea why). The ticket counter booked us on the next flight (2 hours later than our original flight). Luckily, he was perfectly happy to check out all the planes and didn't complain at all about being there for extra time.  We even made some new friends while waiting at the gate - Marino shared his toys for a bit, before we headed to Fudrucker's for burgers before boarding the plane.

No one had as much fun on that plane as Marino did. I myself need to take a healthy dose of Klonopin to get on a plane, but this guy has no fear. When we hit turbulence, he announced "This is awesome!" and when we landed he said "Yay!! That was bumpy! And now we're in TEXAS!"

A Facebook friend had posted a couple days we left with a picture of her son in the cockpit. After our flight, I asked the stewardess if Marino could take a picture in the cockpit and she happily introduced us to the pilot. The pilot was very gracious, he let Marino sit in the co-pilot seat, showed him what all the different controls were for, etc. It was very cool -  I had never seen the inside of a cockpit before! I had a great picture of Marino with the pilot, but he accidentally deleted it from my camera :( I still have this one, though. How cool is this?
The way back he was crankier (tired) but he still was a good traveler. Here he is looking very grown up with his headphones...
We ended up sitting next to an Air Force pilot on the way back who showed us pictures of the planes he flies and told us about flying. All in all, a great first experience flying! 

Daddy picked us up from the airport and we went to our favorite restaurant and had dinner outside :)
More about our trip coming soon!!

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