Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Saturday in Ahoskie

A couple weekends ago, we headed down to North Carolina to visit with Evan's extended family. Evan has wonderful memories of spending his summers there, so he was very excited to share this place with Marino and I. Evan's maternal family is from this very small town in North Carolina, called Ahoskie. I would tell you what it's near, but its not near anything, so it wouldn't help you to place it.

When Evan described why he liked going there so much, I wasn't sure I understood, but watching Marino there helped me realize that living in a small community affords a freedom that kids in suburban/urban areas don't have. The kids can just run around and not have to worry about cars, or strangers, or getting lost in a crowd. At times, it was hard for me to adjust to letting Marino be "free" with his older cousins, but he had such an amazing time when I did. It was a "crazy, crazy night" he told me.

Before heading to NC, the family (not me, I get sea sick) went deep sea fishing. Saturday afternoon was spent cleaning and scaling the fish for a fish fry. It's really a lot of work, and not very pleasant. The fish heads went to the feral cats. They were in heaven.

Some group shots. I love my family!
The oldest siblings
Marino playing with his cousin Christopher.
2 days old kittens. So adorable!!
BIG group shot. Don't ask me to name everyone. They're all family.
Marino playing basketball with Cam and Aunt RiRi
Marino with his new buddies - Tionna and Kamari. "I like these girls and they like me too." he told me.

They had a great time playing hide and go seek together (although they were easy to find, since they kept hiding in the back of one of the half dozen pickup trucks parked at the house).
We all had a great time!!

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