Thursday, September 5, 2013

Summer's Over? Bucket List for Fall

Summer's over and I've barely posted about all the amazing things we did. I'll catch up one day. But instead of being bummed that summer's over, I wanted to make a list of fun things I want to do this Fall with my boys.

Meeting Cousins

..slowly catching up...One of the things we got to do last month was meet our newest cousins! My cousin Carter has two children (and a wife) I hadn't met because they live across the country. Noah is 3 1/2 and Zoey is 3 months old. Stephanie and I email each other but this was our first time meeting. She was as sweet and funny as I expected and the kids got along great. Marino and Noah have similar energy levels (crazy) and they had a blast together. Marino really likes being the "big" cousin. I was surprised, but Marino was very interested in Baby Zoey. When she was sad, he sang her lullabies and even made up a song about her where she was a "super girl" and one day she will be as cool as Marino. He's something else. We met at Port Discovery in Baltimore and had a blast!

Noah was less enthusiastic about picture taking than Marino. 

Two peas in a pod

Making giant bubbles

Me, Steph and Zoey

How cute is this?

Gassing up the car, checking the tire pressure. What a team!

Snuggling Zoey

Too much! I think Marino was wearing Noah out by this point!

Fawning over Zoey

Marino's lullaby for Zoey