Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

We had a great weekend. It was gorgeous all weekend - 80s and sunny. Of course, I burned to a crisp, just an hour after I watched my friend Megan put on sunscreen! Our weekend started out at Fenton Street Market, where I did storytime this week. I LOVE the market and I enjoyed doing storytime outside and in a place with such a great vibe. Everyone at the market is friendly and fun, and its very kid friendly.

After storytime, my friend Andrea and her daughter Eloise, hung out at the market with Marino and I. The kids really enjoyed these bongos. The vendors welcomed the kids to try them out, which Marino would do and then run away like he expected to get in trouble.

We got some amazing drinks from Migue's Magnificant Mini-Donuts (oh, how I wanted to eat those donuts!). Marino had an orangeade and I had a lemonade and OMG! Its worth a trip to the market just for a drink!

We were on our way out, when Marino wanted to see Olivia Mancini play. We stopped and watched for a while. I asked if he wanted to go home but he said "No, I just want to listen." He went to give her a tip, but got too scared to go right up to her case to put the money in and just put the money in back of her. I told him he needed to put it in her case, so he picked it up and brought it closer (but still not in her case). She stopped and said thank you to him - it was very cute. You never know when he will be shy and when he'll be a wild man.
After a wonderful nap, we hung out outside and Marino went for a bike ride. Max was very happy to enjoy the sun in our comfy chairs in the backyard.

Today I woke up to my boys spoiling me - making me breakfast, letting me sleep in and giving me awesome gifts. The three of us went out to lunch at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant. It was another gorgeous day so the three of us sat outside and enjoyed our meal.

The boy really loves his pho (and ordering at restaurants).

After napping, we went for another nice walk/bike ride and made some new friends at the park. Such a great weekend!

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