Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

We had a fairly low key start to the summer this Memorial Day weekend. It was so brutally hot and Marino's skin has been reacting badly to the pollen, so we were house bound a lot of the weekend (and this week as well).

Friday night, Aunt RiRi, Aunt Chelle, and cousin Sammy came over to visit. Aunt RiRi left on Sunday for Mumbai, where she is doing an internship working on supply chain economics. We are very proud of her, as well as Aunt Chelle, who is moving into her first apartment this week!

Marino was loving on Sammy. He definately thinks "guys" are cool, and Sammy was willing to play dinosaurs with him, so that made him even cooler. These pictures crack me up!

Aunt Chelle and Aunt RiRi - we are so proud of them!

One wired boy and his aunties!

Sammy was such a hit that today after work when I told Marino Aunt Ronnie (Sammy's mom) was in the car when we picked him up from daycare (she and I work in the same department), he announced, "I don't want to go home! I want to see Sammy!!!" Luckily, Sammy was home so we got a chance to say hi when we dropped Ronnie off.

Saturday morning, Marino got up at 5:45am, which meant he was super tired by 10am. We met up with our preemie pals Cameron, Evan and Simon at Wheaton Regional Park, where we all met for the first time two years ago.

Wheaton Regional has a decent playground, but it's closed until September while they build a super awesome playground in it's place. We took the boys on a little nature walk and they had lots of fun chasing butterflies.

Unfortunately, we had to leave a little early, since Marino was really tired from the early morning. After a nap, Marino woke up to Gramma and Grampa Ray visiting. Evan put together their birthday present to Marino - this awesome new train table (Note to moms of toddler boys, get a train table! We could get rid of all our other toys and Marino could care less - he LOVES his train table!).

Marino, Gramma and Grampa Ray spent most of the rest of the weekend in Marino's "train room"! They had a great time together.

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