Friday, June 24, 2011

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week:

5. Last Friday, we had a playdate with Hayden, Jackson and Audra - friends we made when Hayden and Marino were NICU neighbors. Marino had a great time with the boys. Towards the end of the playdate, he put his arm around Hayden and said "We are friends. I love everybody." It was pretty adorable, especially since Marino is not so generous with physical affection.

4. The same day, I tried to put a bib on Marino. "I don't need a bib" he said, "I'm done with spilling things."

3. Marino's swim trunks have a Hawaiian hibiscus print. When we put them on to go swimming last Saturday, he said "These are my swimming flowers."

2. The other day, Marino was watching Diego when he let out a frustrated yelp. "What's wrong?" Evan asked. "I can't slide on my belly!" Marino cried. He was watching penguins slide down a hill on their bellies and assumed he could do it, too.

1. When Marino is tired or doesn't feel well, he always says "I want to go home." Even if we are in his bedroom. Last week we were laying down for a nap in my bed and he said "I want to go home." "We are home," I said. He told me "That's right! We ARE home. This is such a cool house. The big bad wolf cannot blow this house down. He's gotta go away."

I owe you pictures and stories from last weekend, but this week was crazy between my hard drive going bad on my laptop and Marino getting sick AGAIN!! Can you believe it? He has a nasty cough and had a fever on Wednesday. So much for worrying about cold and flu season!

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