Friday, June 3, 2011

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week (and last week...I missed a week!):

5. Last week, we had a playdate with our buddies Sarah and Claire. The kids climbed into this big hippo. They climbed out and Marino announced "We're freed together, Claire!"

4. Marino loves the Wonder Pets. The other morning, Evan and I overheard him in the living room while watching the show...when they sang "We're Linny, Tuck, and Ming Ming, too", Marino added in "and Marino [last name]".

3. Marino loves making this awful noise that sounds like he's vomiting (it's a boy thing). When he does it, I always tell him "I don't like that sound." This week, when we had this exchange, he would then make a different sound (usually some sort of super hero/action sound) and would say "What about that sound? You like that sound?" Last night he remembered the sound I approved of the night before and switched to that one instead.

2. It's so fun to hear him repeat phrases (well, most of the time..."just shut up" is one we do not find so funny). Last night in the bath, he wrapped up his toy frog in a washcloth. He said "Hey, check this out" and unwrapped the washcloth to show me the frog.

1. The boy is going through a phase where he insists on being called "Marino" and not any nickname or even a term of endearment. Any attempts to call him "Mino" or "sweetheart" are countered immediately with "I not sweetheart! I" Sharon told me that last week at daycare, one of the other moms said "Later, Alligator" to Marino as she was leaving. "I not the alligator!" he said, "I'm Marino!"

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