Friday, June 10, 2011

Feels Like Summer

It's definately summer. For those of you not familiar, weather in our area (DC Metro) is HOT and HUMID in the summer. This week is ending with temps near 100 with 70% humidity. Ugh. So how do we cool off?

Saturday, we got to visit with my friend Kristal and Marino's buddy Gabby. There's now a new buddy in the family, Baby Brianna, born in April. This was my first time seeing her, and I got a chance to hold and feed her. What a cutie! She looks just like her mama.

Kristal has this great deck that is completely enclosed (no door). I wouldn't have previously found that appealing, but now that Marino can open doors, I am wanting one of these! Gabby and Marino played with the water table on the deck and had a little dance party. The water table definately helped the kids keep cool...check out how wet Marino is!

Marino's BFF, Sydney, turned 3 on Friday. Sunday was her birthday bash. The kids had a great time in the pool, splashing each other and kicking.

Sydney was absolutely adorable, as always!

The really bizarre thing was that Marino acted fine at the party. As soon as I strapped him in his car seat, he said "I sick. I need to see the doctor." Two hours later, he had a blazing fever. Very strange. But glad we got to go to the party and celebrate with Sydney!

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