Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Go Nats!

I'll be honest and say I'm so woefully behind on blogging that I've thought about giving it up altogether. But I still feel the urge, and I love documenting my boy as he grows, so I'm sticking around for now. 

Last weekend we took him on his first Metro ride. He had been asking for months to ride the Metro, and he was so excited. He didn't stop talking the entire way there or back! He loved it and loved checking out the map with Evan to see where we were and how many more stops we had. 

Our destination was the Washington Nationals game. We had a great time, even more so because the Nats were playing wonderfully. Marino was very into it and would throw his arms up and cheer whenever they made a run. 

Nationals Park has a great little playground for kids and Marino had a lot of fun there. 

We had good seats, but whoa, was it hot! The sun was really rough. We had to take shade breaks!

The park is gorgeous. And they have gluten-free snacks, including GF pretzels!
It was a fun adventure!

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