Monday, June 29, 2009

1 Week Before the Big Birthday...

The title of this post has nothing to do with the content...I am just excited Marino is turning 1 on Friday!!

We had a good week...on Wednesday, we got to see our friend Lauren (she and I had some girl time to celebrate her birthday). Marino showed her all of his new tricks, including tackle:)

On Saturday, we met some of our internet friends at North Beach. It was a really beautiful day and Marino loved the beach, including the water this time! I think he felt more confident seeing other babies go in the water, but he played in water up to his chest and did lots of splashing. He even lunged forward and went under for a couple of seconds but still came up happy!

It's funny to me that he actually looks "chunky" in the picture below:) I had to buy these crab trunks from Gymboree...they have a whole "crab" line of clothes for toddlers right now (we love crabs in our family since we all share the zodiak sign Cancer). I resisted the urge to buy them all but I had to get him these trunks (I currently justify all Marino expeditures as "birthday presents").

And here is Marino playing with his new friends Nicholas (15 months) and Natalie (18 months).

On Sunday, we had lunch with Sarah and Claire. We hadn't seen Claire in a couple of months (!) so it was great to see them. She is getting so's amazing how babies change month to month. I meant to get a picture of the 2 of them but forgot...I'll get one next time we get together.

Marino is cutting one of his top teeth currently and it seems to be bothering him a lot. I can feel one corner cutting through so hopefully it will be out soon enough and Marino will stop biting everything in sight (his current favorite teething toy is Mama's toes).

I can't believe my little man will be a TODDLER on Friday. He's getting so big and continuing to vocalize more and more. Over the weekend he started putting his hands in the air and saying "YAY" when he's happy (which is, um, pretty much all the time). He's also started dancing where he waves his arm up and down with the music (it reminds me of 90's hip hop videos...see "Nothin But a G Thang" circa 1993; I told him yesterday he was born in the wrong era:)) .

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