Wednesday, June 3, 2009

11 Months Old

Marino is 11 months old today.
30 days until our sweet boy turns 1!

This month wasn't quite as dramatic in terms of development as last month, but here are some changes over the past month:

- Marino is up to 19 pounds, 5 ounces

- he got his first tooth (second one is coming in next to it and the top 2 are swelling)

- he's moved into 12 month size clothes

- he's started cruising a little

- he's *trying* to stand on his own (this generally results in a fall within 5 seconds, but he's trying)

- he started signing "milk" (poor guy, for a few days, Mama and Daddy were confused and thought he was waving at us since he has a unique interpretation of the sign)

- he occassionally signs for "more" (according to daycare, he hasn't done this at home yet)
- Of all the foods I've made for him, his very favorite so far is mashed potatoes with mixed vegetables (the boy loves veggies). He makes "yummy" noises while he eats this!

Marino loves to laugh. I mean, our boy is the easiest baby in the world to get a giggle from (it's sort of addicting!). But last night, for the first time, I made him laugh so hard he snorted! Oh, it was so adorable!

Another random event from last night...Evan and I turned on the baby monitor (I had forgotten to turn the base on upstairs) and we heard some woman reading to her baby! Evan and I were just blinking at each other for a minute, trying to figure out what the heck we were listening to! Evan made me go upstairs and make sure there wasn't a ghost in Marino's room!

Marino and I are going to be tv stars (not really). Today when I went to daycare for Marino's physical therapy, our local public access channel was filming a story about the daycare (see post from Friday, May 29th for why this daycare is unique) and they asked if they could interview me and get a few shots of Marino playing. Of course he was a total ham and wouldn't pay attention to anything but the camera. Mama, on the other hand, does not like being filmed (or being the center of attention in general). This was also one of those times I really wish I had washed my hair or not worn sneakers with a dress (especially since they said they often repeat shows for up to 3 years) ::blush:: Oh, well, at least my child is cute! I'll let you know when it airs (only in our County, but it will likely be online as well).
In case anyone is wondering how my photography skills improved so rapidly this month, the picture above is from our friend Dave King. He was nice enough to come take some pictures for us last night since our last photo shoot we were missing Evan.

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