Sunday, June 21, 2009

Animal Sounds, Playdates and Father's Day

Marino made some amazing progress this week with his language development. As I mentioned, he started saying "bye bye" this week. On Thursday, he started mimicking sounds for the first time and now he mimics everything! He really loves mimicking animal sounds, and my favorite thing he's been saying a lot of is "mama." I'm really excited about this development, since expressive language has been the one area he was still showing a delay in.
He's also started playing "chase" with us in the past couple of weeks. When we're laying on the floor, he'll start crawling away from me...I'll say "I'm gonna get you" and he'll squeal and start crawling away really fast and laughing. If I don't "get him" quick enough, he'll turn around and look for me. Could I have anymore fun with this boy?

This weekend was a lot more relaxed than any we've had in the past month, which is fine by me! On Saturday, Evan and I tried to get started with our cleaning since we have company coming in a couple of weeks. My best friend Sonia and her family are staying for a few days...I think this will be the most time we've gotten to spend together in the past 3 years and I'm really looking forward to it. And, yes, our house is that much of a mess that we need 2 weeks to work on it! It was a stormy day - good for cleaning.

Later on, our friend Gabrielle and her mom, Kristal, came over. We met them in our Waterbabies class. Gabrielle is the sweetest baby ever. She's 15 months old and just adorable -very gentle and loving. Of course, Marino is loving, but, gentle? Not so much. In fact, he kept trying to eat her tiny fingers:( Here's a couple of pictures...I couldn't get a good one of them together (too much movement!).

In this picture, she is snapping her fingers, which is how she tells her mama she wants to hear music. Is she cute or what?

This morning, Marino and I gave Daddy the presents we had for him (bbq tools, to help him grill us yummy meals, a book called "Daddy Loves Me", and our slideshow posted below). He really liked the slideshow (I sobbed the whole time I was putting it together!). Then we went to lunch at Mi Rancho. Here's a shot of Daddy and Marino (who is becoming a total ham).

I just wanted to let Evan know how much I appreciate him being such a great dad, especially when Marino was first born and I couldn't be there for him. Evan spent his days and nights going back and forth between Marino and I, bringing me pictures, videos and reports from the nurses back from the NICU. He was so excited the first time he got to hold Marino, change his diaper, feed him half an ounce. In fact, Evan had to teach me how to do firm touch with Marino (preemies' skin is too sensitive to stroke, so firm touch is what feels best for them), how to change a diaper, give him a sponge bath, feed him a bottle, burp him, etc, etc. Marino REALLY loves his Daddy and it's fun to see them together and imagine the fun they will have as Marino grows.

I also wanted to say Happy Father's Day to my own wonderful Dad. My Dad had always been my #1 fan and so much fun to be around. I love him!

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