Friday, March 30, 2012

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week:

5. The other day we were talking about Easter and Marino asked me "Mommy, can the Easter bunny still hop when it's dark outside?" The next day I asked "who comes on Easter?" (thinking he would say the Easter bunny) and he very excitedly told me "GRAMMA!"

4. After hitting the dog with his bath towel, and getting in trouble, Marino told me "I'm going to try my bestest not to hit Max anymore."

3. The other night before bed, we were watching old home videos. He requested a specific video of him and Bae-Corine. "I'm not sure where that one is." I said. "Well, its probably on 'On Demand' so can you check there?" he responded.

2. Yesterday morning, we saw some deer running along side us when we were driving on the highway. "Why don't those deer want me to run with them? What, do they hate me?"

1. The boy is very sweet to his friends and teachers at school. When we leave in the evening, he makes sure to say goodbye to each and every person still at school. And, he waits to make sure the person heard him and says goodbye back.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Roosevelt Island

Last Sunday was another beautiful day here in Maryland, so we met up with some of our favorite folks at Roosevelt Island in Virginia - Jen, Matt, Sydney and Noah. It's a unique's located across from Downtown Rosslyn off of the George Washington Parkway, so there's a city backdrop but the island is completely serene, with the exception of the passing planes (its just a few miles from Reagan Airport).  The kids enjoyed our little nature walk (as did our dogs). It's always fun to see how kids can amuse themselves anywhere - everywhere has something new to discover.  Isn't it amazing how tiny the kids look next to this statue?

Noah showing us his karate skills.

Three amigos - I love this picture!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cameron & Evan Turn 4

Our fellow former preemie buddies, Cameron and Evan, celebrated their 4th birthday this weekend. As always, it was great to see them (and their sweet parents). Marino had a great time at the party (and scoping out gifts he wants to ask for when his birthday rolls around).  It's amazing how far these boys have come!
Do they look excited to be 4?
Marino had lots of fun with this tunnel and the twin's older cousin, 
who Marino introduced to me as "This is a grown up Cameron."

Our other former preemie buddy, Simon, was there as well.
Happy Birthday, Cameron and Evan!

Friday, March 23, 2012

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week:

5. As I've mentioned, Marino is very interested in geography and, lately, the solar system. The other day in the car he asked "Daddy, why is earth so awesome and comfortable?"

4. Marino is still more sentimental than usual since my trip to Dallas when he "missed me at the airpork" (he still mentions this numerous times every day). The other day before we left for work/school he said "Mommy, are you going to miss me today? You will go to work and be sad. You’ll say 'oh, I wish I was with Marino.' And then you’ll cry. I wish we could be together all the time, Mommy. Let’s just sit and be together right now."

3. Marino loves this shirt he got at a family reunion last year. He was showing it off for us the other night, saying "This is my family shirt."
2. The other day Aunt Chelle came by in the evening. Marino broke one of his toys and told us "I need my Daddy to fix this. My Daddy is a fixer expert."

1. We were talking to my mom the other day on the phone and she said "Marino, guess who I saw today? Bae-Corine!" He said "Bae-Corine?! Can I fly through the phone and see her, too?!"

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Looks Like Spring Has Arrived!

We had another beautiful weekend here in Maryland. Somehow, we eeked by this year with no winter. No one is complaining, other than Marino, who keeps asking to wear his snow boots and use his sled.

After storytime on Saturday, we headed over to the park with Gabrielle and Delaney. The kids had a great time, and they looked especially cute since they were all wearing green (for St. Patrick's Day).

Looking forward to lots more outdoor playdates ahead!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Flower Hill Softball Game

Last weekend we met up with Evan's high school friends and their families for a softball game/bbq/playdate. The field was at the perfect location - directly next to a playground, so the younger kids were entertained. We had a great time. I really think baseball may end up being Marino's sport. He didn't miss a pitch!

Learning to cover the bases with Daddy...

Most of the group

Evan teaching Raiden how to hit the ball
Playground equipment is a lot more fun when you make it more dangerous!

Evan and his good friends:  Brian, Ishmael and Rahsaan
Marino and Aaron - sharing dirt

Friday, March 16, 2012

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week: 

5. Ever since I came home from Dallas, Marino tells me several times a day "Mommy, I missed you at the airpork." (airpork = airport)

4. Montessori school has been great for teaching Marino to be polite. The other day, he asked me to turn on a specific song. After I turned it on, he said "Thanks, Mommy. That was really nice of you."

3. As I've mentioned before, Marino likes to give us "scripts" in our daily life.  These tend to be self-serving. The other day he said "Mommy, can you say 'Marino, you can come lay with me in my bed'?"

2. Marino was watching tv the other day and asked me "Mommy? How did that place get so creepy?"

1. Have you seen the commercial for Plaque Blast?  They show it during Marino's current favorite show (Transformers Rescue Bots). Out of no where when I was putting him to bed the other night, he said "Mommy, dog's breath is very very gross."

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Playdate in New Jersey

My dear friend Jen's mother, Ellen, passed away from pancreatic cancer right before I left for Dallas.  This was sad on so many levels - she was truly a loving mother, grandmother and wife and I know Jen's life will be very different without her.  It just breaks my heart.  If you're interested in learning more about pancreatic cancer, Ellen or how you can help, please visit this link.

I wanted to do something to help, so I asked Jen if she would like me to take the kids during the funeral. Marino and I headed up to NJ, got Sydney and Noah and headed over to Sonia's house to play with her girls.

As you can see, it didn't take long for Cat and Sydney to bond!
Practicing ballet together

Princess dress up - of course!

Two sweet princesses - I love this!
Cat told me this is her "princess face"
My boy loves hats!
It was chilly, but we had to take a trip to the playground.

Sweetheart Siena
Slide trains are the best!

I brought these little foam planes back from Dallas for the kids. 
They had a lot of fun with them (while they lasted).

We had a great time and the kids got along great. Sydney was really interested in Alana and had lots of questions for Sonia about taking care of the baby. It was pretty adorable.
I love this picture (Noah was napping).