Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Philadelphia Zoo

On Thursday, Evan, Marino and I took a trip to Philadelphia. We met up with Sonia, Wil, Catalina and Siena, as well as Sabrina. I told Sonia not to tell Sabrina we were coming because we wanted to surprise her. It worked and we were all so happy to be together.

Just wanted to mention again how proud I am of Sabrina. She is just this amazing young woman: smart, funny, talented, loving and gorgeous. I'm proud to have known her since the hour she was born. Just as an example of how sweet she is...keep in mind she is 14 (most 14 year olds are pretty self absorbed). When we first got there, Evan saw this big souvenir cup full of soda advertised and said he wanted one. For whatever reason, we never came across them while we were there. Right before we were leaving, Sabrina handed Evan the cup full of Coke (so I could drink some...she knows I love Coke). Anyway, I just thought it was so sweet she remembered that hours after we talked about and did that for us. I just love her.

It was a hot day but we had a great time at the zoo. The zoo is set up well for little ones...most of the animals are easy to see. My favorite part was watching the otters playing and swimming, although Cat and Marino declared them "scary" because of the noise they were making.
The Zoo Crew (minus me): Sabrina, Wil, Siena, Sonia, Cat, Evan, Marino
Bald Eagles
This might have been the coolest thing,,,how close we got to this gorilla (who looked sad for some reason). Cat and Marino insisted it was a monkey and when I said it was a gorilla, Marino said "no no, gorilla. Its monkey!"
Sabrina and I (can you tell I was hot?)

See how close we were? I shot this with my 50mm lens, so no zoom.

Sonia and I (hot and sweaty but happy to be together)
Feeding the goats

Cat was very brave and enjoyed a pony ride
They loved this mural!

Checking out the frog sculpture
Sabrina and Siena - 2 beautiful girls

Wil and Cat - I love this picture of them!
Daddy and Marino

Sneaky alligator
Very cool Lego sculptures of zoo animals
Beena and the bear (in the background)
Checking out the otters

Sweet Siena
We had a great time at the zoo and I'm looking forward to going again next year!

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