Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grammas Are Awesome!

Last weekend was great! My mom and stepfather came to visit us (Marino). Marino has really bonded with them lately and as soon as he heard them come in downstairs, he was yelling "GRAMMA! GRAMPA RAY!!" from his bath. He was awesome for them and Evan and I got to sleep in and even got to see a movie with my friend Lauren and her boyfriend. I can't even remember the last time we went on a double date!

We also went over to my friend Patti's house so Marino could take a dip in the pool with her daughter Madelyn (who turned 1 last month!). Marino had a great time and happily ate up all of Patti's yummy snacks and played with all of Madelyn's toys. My mom came with me and my Aunt Kerry came was nice to visit with everyone on a beautiful day. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. I know! Me! I never do that! Luckily, my mom let me snap a few pics with her Blackberry.

Thanks, Mom for all your help this weekend! We love you!

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