Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Visit to New York

I am so behind with the blog...we've been so busy!
The weekend before last, Marino and I went to NY to visit my parents and my brother and sister-in-law, who were visiting from Texas. It was the first time I ever travelled that far alone with Marino (5 hour drive) but he was awesome! We got a chance to visit and bond with all Marino's grandparents. He's taken to calling my dad "Pap Pap" which is very cute. My mom had a picnic on Saturday and almost all my family was there. Marino was really great with my mom and stepfather, too. He's definately bonding with his grandparents.
My friend Rachel and I at the picnic.

My Dad and I

Marino was really into the ice we dumped from the coolers.
and the watermelon...
and the egg-less cupcakes...
and especially Bae-Corrine, my step-sister's daughter (my step neice?).
My cousin Clare.
Marino snuggling with Bae-Corrine.
My brother, Brendan and my sister-in-law, Holly.
It was great to see everyone!

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