Sunday, April 29, 2012

5 Little Monkeys

On Friday evening, Jen and I took the kids to the opening night of The 5 Little Monkeys play at Adventure Theater. The kids loved it. In fact, I would say Marino was enthralled throughout the whole play.  Before the play started, when the lights were turned down, he looked at me and said "Mommy, this is going to be great!" Other parents kept looking at us and smiling; Marino laughed more and louder than any of the other kids there. He just loved it. Half way through the show, Marino had to use the bathroom. We ran into one of the monkeys/actors back stage and he gave Marino a high five and asked him a few questions. Marino was star struck! It was a great experience - I can't wait for the next show to open!

Noah, Sydney & Marino - since the play is about bedtime, the opening was a pajama party!
Marino and Syd - excited for the show to start!

Jen and Noah were excited, too!
Such a great night! They even had milk and cookies for the kids after the show!

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