Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First Movie!

I was looking forward to this past weekend for a while but it started with a bang when I woke up with Coxsackie virus on Saturday morning. Marino had it a couple weeks ago and I noticed one small blister on my throat earlier this week. Well, but Saturday, my throat, tonsils and the back half of my tongue were covered in them. Those of you whose children haven't had it yet, let me tell you, when they do get it, feed them as many popsicles and italian ices as they want. It hurts so so bad. I have to take Tylenol every 3 hrs or I feel like death. It's pretty awful.

My dad and stepmom came to visit this weekend. Marino was in heaven - he LOVES his PapPap! My Aunt Kerry and cousin Samantha also came over and Marino had an early birthday celebration with all the new toys he got! Check out his new Mater shirt from my dad and Barb...

Perfect for this!

All of us took Marino to see his first movie - Cars 2! Marino LOVES Cars and especially Mater, so he was excited to go to the movie. I was a bit concerned with how he would feel about being in the theater but he was AWESOME! For the first half of the movie, he sat on the edge of his seat, completely engrossed in the movie. At some points he wanted to sit with me or his PapPap, and sometimes he wanted to stand (and dance), but he was really interested the whole time and well behaved. He even remembered to whisper (most of the time). It was really great and he was better behaved than some older children we saw there.

Here's Marino and PapPap playing with his new drum set from Aunt Kerry (he LOVES this thing).

It would have been a perfect weekend, were it not for this plaque!

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