Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Fun with Old Friends and Daddy Love!

I'm a week behind here but catching up. The week before last, daycare was closed for a professional day on Friday. Our buddies Audra, Hayden and Jackson came by for a playdate. Hayden and Marino were next door neighbors in the NICU (which was way overcrowded at the time, which meant they were practically on top of each other) and we all still keep in touch. Audra is one of the sweetest women I've ever met and the boys are both adorable. Marino was in heaven having two boys to run around with!

They were digging Marino's play hats! Jackson the cowboy.

Hayden the pirate.

Saturday, our friends The Western's had their annual summer pool party. It was a great day for it - not too hot or too sunny but warm enough. We had a great time.

Marino shooting the breeze with Mr. Western...

Tony's first pool experience. He wasn't sure what to think initially, but he warmed up to the pool in no time.

Marino was pretty terrified of the water, so he looked like this a lot of the afternoon.

Bella is a sweetie!

Marino was in love with Ruby, the Western's dog.

Pool volleyball is always fun!

Marino was loving throwing the ball to Onyx, who also loves to swim!

Marino was much happier on a pool float!

Learning lawn games with Uncle Brian.

This boy is serious about his watermelon.

Marino was fascinated by the Western's bird, Sammy.
Sunday was Father's Day and Daddy spent most of the day fishing with a friend. We took him out for lunch at one of his favorite places, Mi Rancho.

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