Monday, October 5, 2009

More Fall Fun

Now that we're all on the mend, we had another busy weekend. Saturday, Evan took Marino for his 2nd haircut. I really didn't realize that a toddler would require haircuts as frequently as Marino does. It's only been a month since his last one, and he really could have used a cut 2-3 weeks ago. His curls are out of control! This visit wasn't as successful as the last one. Evan took him to the same stylist, and he was an angel again, but this time she knicked his ear with the clippers! Evan also claims she ruined his shape up (I can't see a difference). So, we will probably go to someone else next time. They were much busier this time, so maybe that was the issue.

Saturday evening, the 3 of us went to Macaroni Grill with friends to celebrate Evan's friend Brian's birthday. Marino was the only kid there and he was awesome. He is obsessed with bread now and he was mad when the bread ran out. He kept checking Evan's hand to see if he was hiding any bread in it! He was very well behaved and I was impressed, since we had him out past his bedtime. By the way, Macaroni Grill at the Rio has the WORST service I have ever encountered. Again, it was a busy night, but our waiter was ridiculous. I asked him to make me a salad with grilled chicken and said I needed it to be gluten and dairy-free (not so hard with a salad). I said "I'm sure the kitchen is familiar with accomodating those 2 things" and his response was "Yeah, but I don't speak Spanish." Klassy. Needless to say, my salad came out full of cheese.

"Don't touch my bread!!"
I think I am sort of addicted to fall festivals! They're so much fun and I am just dreading it being too cold to be outside with an active toddler! On Sunday, Evan and I took Marino to the festival at Butler's Orchard. Grammy Deb and Auntie Chelle joined us and we had a lot of fun. We got there nice and early, so we got a great seat on the hayride (hayrides are very comfy, who knew?) and our pick of pumpkins.

Here's Evan and Marino being swallowed by a scary witch!

Playing on the wooden train

Serious face (no nap this morning, so he was sleepy)
Playing in a pile of hay (I was cleaning hay out of his diaper later)

Daddy and Marino in their Redskins gear (they won!)

Evan getting acquainted with a goat
Richelle, Evan, Marino and I being silly

Marino looks a little scared to be going down this slide

Me with my favorite boy
He really loves pumpkins - he keeps mistaking them for balls

Grammy Deb and Auntie Chelle with Marino

Auntie Chelle, looking adorable

Enjoying the hayride

On the hayride with Auntie Chelle, Daddy and Grammy Deb
He tried to pick up every pumpkin he saw!
Marino looking pleased with the big pumpkins we found
Marino and Daddy at beautiful Butler's Orchard. As a Community Planning Master's student, I really appreciate how our County has managed to preserve agriculture in the midst of urban sprawl. There's lots of great farms and parks here!

You know how you know you have a big boy on your hands? He walks (runs) to the playground with you, climbs up the jungle gym and slides down the slides! It was sort of surreal to remember how tiny he was this time last year and to see him now!

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