Friday, October 2, 2009

5 on Friday (15 Months Old Edition) With Bonus Video

Marino will be 15 months old tomorrow. Such a big boy! In honor of this, today's 5 on Friday will focus on some general big changes in his personality over the past couple months (and of course, they are all reasons I am loving him this week!).

5. He's mobile! He is walking everywhere and he can't stop! It's a little exahusting, but he can't sit still for long because apparently his legs are telling him "GO!!" It's pretty amazing he took his first steps a little over a month ago!

4. He plays! He's started imaginary play. 99% of the time I love this ("pretending" to eat his food at dinner time is not quite as adorable as it sounds). He makes his bath animals and puzzle animals "walk" and "talk." It's generally quite amusing what he thinks they do and say;) Today, he was pulling imaginary things from the water at bath time and "feeding" them to me.

3. He talks! He is saying a few new words every week now, which is amazing and adorable. New words this week were: "car", "quack", "apple," "cracker" and "book". Today, he started calling the fish "fishy" which is 10 times more adorable than the word "fish" for some reason. The boy speaks in whole sentences now (don't ask me what he's saying, but they're sentences). He's also started repeating everything, which means Evan and I have to start being a lot more careful with our language.

2. He's opinionated! Oh boy, does this guy have an opinon on everything these days. It's Marino's way or the highway. He wants what he wants, when he wants it or else! He's not as easily redirected, either. Our biggest battles tend to be over: eating dinner, sitting down in the bath, and going to bed (again!). We HAVE to transition him to a sippy in the next month or so (big boys don't drink bottles) and I am not looking forward to that battle!

1. He loves! This is no change, but he's still a loving guy. In the middle of his whirlwind playtime, he will still stop for hugs, kisses, special smiles and brief lap sits. I think my mom taught him this last weekend, but when the Laugh N Learn Puppy says "I love you," he says "AWW!" and gives it a big hug. He has a lot of people now that he gets genuinely excited to see and he is really popular at daycare (with teachers and the other kids). He is a very charming little guy, and, of course I am so proud of him.

Update on our health issues: we are all doing MUCH better this week. 48 hours after I started the antibiotic for c.diff (Vancomycin) I was feel 90% better. My stomach is still a little iffy at times, but I am functioning again! Marino's hands are looking better this week, as well.

For your viewing pleasure, here is the boy having fun with his trick or treat bucket (can't wait to take him out for Halloween this year!).

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